6. October 2023

Yet another colleague

We are pleased to welcome our new colleague! Mikkel René Østergaard joined the position as a consultant on October 1, 2023.

Mikkel has dedicated the last 7 years of his career to specialize as an SAP Basis consultant, where he has skillfully functioned on both the supplier and customer side. Over the years, he has acquired an in-depth knowledge and expertise in several areas. These include advanced areas such as SAP Cloud and monitoring in complex hybrid environments. At the same time, he also has solid knowledge of the more traditional disciplines within SAP, including migrations, upgrades, and installations.

When you choose Mikkel as your consultant, you ensure not only an expert in the field, but also a professional who is committed to delivering quality work from the beginning. He has a deep understanding of the importance of performing correctly and efficiently the first time, which is crucial to ensure optimal value for the customer.

We look forward to getting to know Mikkel and welcome him aboard our exciting journey!

You can contact Mikkel in the future at mro@sapbasis.dk.