We tailor SAP solutions just for you

We help you make the right decisions and prioritisations right from the start to ensure the greatest possible gains for your business.

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Three types of consulting depending on your needs and maturity


Strategic SAP consulting


Project management and execution

Operational support

Remote or on-site

Why us?

Denmark’s largest specialized company within SAP Basis

We possess the broadest and deepest expertise

We know what’s going on and have the expertise to get an overview of your problems and advise you from a technological, operational and business perspective.

We offer the best solutions for your needs

We help you prioritise the right solutions, with the right agility and scalability and with as little impact as possible on operational reliability throughout the process.

We are passionate about making a difference

We are always on your side, giving you advice that’s in your best interests. We are passionate about making a difference, which is only possible if we get really close to you and your organisation.


Passionate SAP specialists with business acumen

We give you advice based on our broad expertise as a professional heavyweight within SAP technology and infrastructure to find the best solutions that can make a real positive difference to the growth of your business.

  • We know what goes on inside SAP
  • We focus on what has the greatest impact on your business
  • We take ownership and ensure flexible and agile consulting


Take ownership of your SAP data by migrating to the Cloud

Migrating to the Cloud lets you use multi-hosting and best-of-breed solutions that can lead to more freedom and greater flexibility, cost savings, data release and more - instead of being tied to one single, inflexible solution. Let us help identify which Cloud solution is best for you.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud is a cloud service that offers solutions within big data, storage, analysis, app development and more. This solution can give you modern, structured and streamlined IT architecture.

Microsoft Cloud

Microsoft's cloud solution Azure is a cloud service used for e.g. infrastructure management, performance and innovation management. It can ensure agile operation as well as greater flexibility and control.

Amazon Cloud

Amazon Cloud provides on-demand Cloud platforms and APIs for individuals and businesses on a pay-as-you-go basis. This solution offers great flexibility and has many global supporters.


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