SAP Security as a Service

Reduce SAP Security Costs & System Risks

SAP Security as a Service

You know the challenge

SAP operators are subject to a constant stream of security update recommendations – 20 to 30 per month or more. Unfortunately, these are not tailored to each system configuration or use. Without this information it is impossible to safely apply updates or discern which ones require testing.

This leads to one of three possible outcomes:

  • Push all updates to next major system maintenance
  • Apply all updates without testing
  • Test all updates

None of these are viable, as they all increase both risk and cost.

We know the low-cost solution

Using only standard SAP tools, you can receive continuous reports specifying which updates can safely be applied to your particular system without incident, and which ones require testing.

With constant, tailored insight into the consequences of each security update, you avoid the increasing risk of ignoring the updates and the growing support and operations costs incurred by insufficiently updated systems, without having to resort to the inflated cost of constantly testing every single update.

This is how It Works

Using SAP Solution Manager, we set up usage logging to map and monitor your specific setup and use. Comparing this data with security updates lets us analyze how each update applies to your SAP system and provide up-to-date reports informing you which updates are safe to apply without testing – usually the bulk of them – and which ones you should test before updating.

Because most SAP operators have a backlog of security updates, there is usually a catch-up period. After that, however, your system is always up-to-date on security.

Get started and stay safe

All we need is access to your SAP Solution Manager, and for the mandatory pre-requisites to be in place. Naturally we can assist in mitigating any implementation or setup gaps in your system.

Initial price
Assessment & Logging setup Included
Potential catch-up Time spend
Monthly price
First SAP application DKK 7.500,-
Subsequent SAP applications DKK 5.500,- / pcs.