1. January 2023

New team member – Flemming Bruun

We once again welcome a new colleague

As of 1/1-2023, Flemming Bruun assumed the position of Senior Consultant

Flemming has over 25 years of SAP experience in both SAP Basis and development. He has worked with some of Denmark’s largest clients as a consultant and has been responsible for the SAP platform through multiple SAP implementations. As a consultant with us, Flemming can contribute with technical knowledge in installations, upgrades, migrations, problem-solving, platform analysis, as well as development in SAP and development for SAP.

Furthermore, Flemming has experience and technical knowledge in customers’ journey to SAP S/4HANA, with deep implementation experience, S4 upgrades, and integrations via the SAP PO platform for multiple clients.

With his over 25 years of experience as an external consultant in SAP, Flemming possesses a wide range of technical competencies covering most aspects of SAP.

We have been eagerly looking forward to having another skilled Senior Consultant on board our exciting journey!

You can reach Flemming in the future at fab@sapbasis.dk.

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