3. March 2023

Record Revenue in 2022

Just like Trifork’s record financial statement, we can also announce that Sapbasis has once again achieved a revenue record, as we surpassed 20 million DKK in revenue for the first time in 2022. 2021 came close, but it happened in 2022.

Everyone at Sapbasis is naturally proud and happy, as well as grateful to our customers who repeatedly trust us with their SAP technology advisory, SAP projects, and the operation of their SAP systems.

However, we are most proud and happy about our fantastic colleagues who consistently demonstrate immense dedication and approach every task, big or small, always in a highly professional manner and, best of all, always on an equal footing with our valued customers.

All in all, everyone contributes to creating a fantastic workplace, which was also recognized with an impressive ‘Great Place To Work’ certification in August.

I am excited to continue working at Sapbasis in 2023, hoping that it will be at least as good and eventful as 2022 – and hopefully with the addition of more skilled colleagues. For more information, please see more here.