4. April 2022

2021 was the best financial year in Sapbasis’ history.

When the financial statements for 2021 were announced, Sapbasis presented the best results in the company’s history. We owe this achievement to new projects, new customers, and our dedicated colleagues.

In 2021, Sapbasis achieved a turnover of DKK 19.7 million and an EBITDA of DKK 6.6 million (33%). Similarly, the 2021 financial statements showed a positive result of DKK 5.16 million compared to the previous year’s positive result of DKK 3.93 million. This means that Sapbasis has grown by 31% solely in terms of the bottom line compared to the 2020 financial statements. Our skilled colleagues, along with new projects and new customers, have been the main drivers behind this achievement.

The path to achieving these results was paved by our strong partnerships and colleagues.

Throughout 2021, we had the pleasure of working on various projects. One notable project was a cloud migration to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) in collaboration with Nordcloud. Additionally, we ensured integration with SAP through a partnership with SapienZ. Our collaboration with Nordcloud has always involved ongoing dialogue about customers and projects, where we acted as each other’s sounding boards from A to Z. Likewise, our partnership with SapienZ has been characterized by close and seamless cooperation, providing the best foundation for successful projects together. You can read more about these two cases if interested.

In our rapid development, we have also welcomed several new colleagues who have become part of our strong and highly specialized team, delivering comprehensive solutions. We place great emphasis on developing our internal competencies and talents, as well as retaining our colleagues in the long run, which is why we have seen numerous promotions over time. This is clearly reflected in our 2021 results. You can learn more about our organization or explore our available positions.

Furthermore, in 2021, Computerworld announced that Sapbasis ranked 24th among the top 100 IT companies and secured the 3rd position within the ERP (SAP) category. This further guarantees our ability to assist you on your organization’s technical journey, regardless of where you currently stand on the cloud journey.

We extend our gratitude to both colleagues, partners, and customers for a successful fiscal year.

We owe a special thanks to our skilled colleagues, partners, and new customers who have believed in Sapbasis’ abilities and vision. With our continuously growing team of dedicated and experienced SAP specialists, we have many exciting projects planned for 2022 that we are looking forward to working on.

If you are interested in learning more about your options for SAP managed services and consulting, or if you would like further information about our successful financial year, business development, or upcoming projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

About Sapbasis

SAPBASIS ApS is Denmark’s leading SAP Basis company. We offer SAP Basis expert services on fair and straightforward terms. No complex contract arrangements, no rigid boxes, not too many rules – we deliver what you as a customer need!

Sapbasis was founded in 2013 by three partners, and in 2020, we became part of the Trifork family. Through our deep specialization, we can assist you in SAP technology (SAP Basis), SAP architecture, SAP integrations & technical project management, SAP on cloud/on-prem, HANA & S/4HANA, transitions, migrations, and upgrades.