2. May 2022

Which cloud solution should I choose?

There are endless options for choosing a cloud service, and at the same time, there are stricter requirements for IT and technology in general. Therefore, it is often observed that our customers and potential customers still find SAP technology complex. As SAP becomes more complex, it also becomes more challenging to select the optimal solutions for one’s business. This makes a lot of sense, which is why we have tried to answer some of the typical questions below.

Why is SAP so complex?

The complexity of SAP is typically due to customers lacking an overview of the best options for their specific needs, not prioritizing their most important requirements, or having an unrealistic assessment of their own maturity—and thus, what the best solution is.

This can result in customers not embarking on a cloud journey, thereby missing out on the many benefits of digital transformation. Alternatively, it may lead to customers having an existing setup characterized by numerous mandatory and time-consuming updates, which can be difficult and overwhelming to navigate and make decisions about.

What can the consequences be for my company?

As mentioned above, SAP is becoming increasingly complex, making it harder to choose the optimal solutions.

This creates a breeding ground for suboptimal projects that fail to deliver the desired value. Undertaking suboptimal projects often stems from a short-term mindset rather than a long-term perspective, leading to the selection of the wrong solution. This can compromise the reliability of your operations or result in choosing the wrong partners due to uncertainty and lack of overview. Such consequences can have a significant impact on your company.

Which cloud solution should I choose?

To ensure that your company obtains the optimal cloud solution, it is necessary for us to tailor the solution to your unique situation and specific maturity level.

We possess the overview and in-depth knowledge of SAP to precisely identify the solution that is right for you. This enables us to provide clarity about your options and guide you on what actually works in practice, while always striving to reduce complexity so that you can keep up every step of the way. To get an optimal answer regarding which cloud solution you should choose, you can call or message Jesper Riiber Høj at +45 23 20 28 23. Alternatively, you can learn more about your optimal cloud solution via email: jrh@sapbasis.dk.

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