How to achieve successful SAP migration of three different customers in not just one, but three different cloud platforms?

Clients: 1) Leading Jutland retailer 2) Well-known Danish lighting company 3) Large Finnish airline

The challenge

Common to the three customers was that they all wanted to free themselves from their resource-intensive server operation, managed by an external hosting provider. They wanted to reduce costs and achieve a more scalable solution that would both in the short and long term help optimize the business.
  • 5Resource-intensive hosting operation
  • 5 IT infrastructure was located at a external hosting provider
  • 5A need for a more scalable solution

The solution

Sapbasis analyzed the individual company’s needs and SAP architecture, which created a basis for mapping the existing landscape as well as the cloud infrastructure in relation to the chosen supplier. Thus, the analysis also produced the method of migration and the consequences and opportunities that the new solution would entail for the customer.

SAPBASIS migrated SAP to resp. Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Cloud for 3 different companies.

The result


Freedom and flexibility

Migration to the cloud ensured freedom and flexibility through multi hosting and selection of best-of-breed providers for the individual, specific task.

Cost savings

Reducing hosting costs as well as greater freedom in service purchasing, as customers no longer had to pay their previus hosting partner for everything.


Agility and data release

A cloud-based solution made it possible to release data to be able to create smarter solutions for the future, e.g. through insourcing of operations.
With the expertise of Sapbasis and Trifork, we were able to tailor our own solution. They helped us move complex architecture to a cost-effective and flexible cloud host. Thus, our internal operational team gained first-hand experience of working in the cloud – all while the solution was implemented on time and remotely!
– VP, Leading Jutland retailer

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