Succesful SAP migrering til Google Cloud

Client: Leading Jutland retailer

The challenge

The problem was the fact that the infrastructure and SAP data was located at a foreign service provider, which made it complicated to implement ongoing changes. The customer also wanted to reduce IT costs and be able to independently operate and handle ongoing operations.
  • 5The client wanted to reduce IT costs
  • 5The client wanted to be able to operate and handle ongoing operations
  • 5The IT Infrastructure was located at a foreign service providor

The solution

Through analysis of the customer’s needs and SAP architecture, the existing landscape was mapped, and Sapbasis thus had the best basis for being able to help the customer migrating away from their existing platform – and with the right method optimize the field of tension between customer and supplier. Thus, Sapbasis also ensured that the customer’s operational team could operate the cloud platform smoothly and efficiently going forward.

SAPBASIS ensured successful SAP migration to Google Cloud for one of Denmark’s leading retailers. A close collaboration with the customer’s internal operational team and ongoing tailor-made workshops resulted in a smooth transition.

The result


An agile and fair solution

Sapbasis’ technical know-how ensured the customer the best basis for being able to maintain data themselves in the future – easily, quickly and predictably.

Modern and streamlined IT architecture

Migrating SAP to Google Cloud resulted in a more modern and streamlined solution that could ensure structured and secure operation in the future.


Lower costs

Migrating to a cloud solution reduced hosting costs because the new solution was cheaper and ensures that the customer only pays for what they use.
With the expertise of Sapbasis and Trifork, we were able to tailor our own solution. They helped us move complex architecture to a cost-effective and flexible cloud host. Thus, our internal operational team gained first-hand experience of working in the cloud – all while the solution was implemented on time and remotely!
– VP – leading Jutland retailer

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