Successful SAP migration to Microsoft Azure

Client: Well-known lighting company

The challenge

The customer was challenged because their IT infrastructure was in the hands of an external hosting provider, which narrowed the complete overview of the operation. In addition, their platform was outdated and resource-intensive, and they missed both professional advice and attention from their providor.

  • 5They missed having an operational overview
  • 5The IT infrastructure was in the hands of an external hosting providor
  • 5Outdated and resource-intensive platform

The solution

SAP Basis analysed the clients needs and their SAP architecture, which created the basis for mapping the existing landscape and the cloud infrastructure regarding Microsoft Azure. The analysis brought forth the method for the migration including both the consequences and the possibilities that the new solution would provide for the customer.

Both on time and on budget within three months we managed to finish and optimize a succesful SAP migration to the cloud solution Microsoft Azure for a danish lightning company.

The result


An agile and fair solution

The migration ensured autonomy in the form of insourcing of operations. This created greater flexibility and control, as the customer now had the ongoing overview.

Better user experience and quicker response times

The customer was given the opportunity to choose the best-of-breed supplier for the individual, specific tasks. It resulted in better user experience and shorter response times.


Personal involvement and good service

The collaboration was characterized by a high degree of honesty and personal involvement. This resulted in good service and a general ‘value for money’.
For us, it was important to get more advice and a better service than the one we received in our previous setup. Therefore, our collaboration with SAP Basis included personal involvement, flexibility and attention. This resulted in a successful cloud migration to Microsoft Azure, which means that today we are ensured a more agile operation, which we can control to a much greater extent ourselves, which i.a. has led to a better user experience and shorter response times in the system.
– Director, IT & Master Data – well-known lighting company

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