Successful integration to SAP – in collaboration with SapienZ

Client: NTL - a publicly owned English transport company


The client was forced carve out their existing infrastructure and HR solution and needed a new HR- and payroll integration to their on-premise SAP solution. The old integration was inflexible, problematic and time-consuming to maintain on an ongoing basis and new and better solution was needed.

  • 5The previous integration was inflexible
  • 5Time-consuming to maintain
  • 5Unaware about better alternatives


Sapbasis analyzed the client’s needs and their previous setup, in order to give advice on the best possible solution. Hereafter, Sapbasis designed the solution, re-worked the architecture and acted as technical project managers throughout the implementation process, while SapienZ provided the framework and mapping for the new integration. The solution had agility, continuous easy maintenance and quality as top priorities. 

Sapbasis, in collaboration with SapienZ, implemented a framework of how to integrate the customer’s HR- and payroll data to their on-premise SAP solution. Agility, knowledge and open and honest dialogue supported by a solution based on a proven framework turned a complex integration  into a simple manageable solution – on time and budget.



An agile, robust and smooth solution

An implementation on time and budget. NTL is ensured a robust, flexible solution, which they can easily manage themselves.


Better overview of data and potential errors

The new solution ensured a better overview of data sent from their HR system, insight in data and mapping errors as the client re-gained control of their own data.


Time saved and a fast integration

The new solution will save the client time in the future, as they can now handle potential errors themselves – both from a technical and data perspective.

We wanted to rapidly implement the new solution, which Sapbasis and SapienZ ensured through on-going, constructive dialogue. Sapbasis investigated our current solution in order to provide input for potential alternative solutions and opportunities, to ensure the best solution to handle HR- and payroll data. The solution was implemented in a fast and smooth manner.

Andrew Lawson, HR Systems & Compliance Manager – Northern Trains Limited

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