Successful SAP migration to Google Cloud Platform

Client: EVBox Group – a company that provides electric vehicle charging solutions


The client was determined to get their SAP landscape migrated to GCP – as fast as possible. They were told by other implementation partners that it was impossible. EVBox needed a partner with the right skills, mindset and knowledge within SAP and transitions to cloud to help them realize their vision. Put shortly; EVBox needed an agile cloud and SAP partner that was willing to go all-in on the very short timelines.

  • 5The need for a faster migration
  • 5A wish for a more agile solution
  • 5Missing a partner that could realize their vision


The solution was found in a smooth and efficient collaboration between Sapbasis, Nordcloud and the customer. Evbox was at present implementing SAP in a different cloud so with respect with the project timelines Sapbasis implemented the new foundation in GCP and transitioned SAP with a very creative and agile approach.

Sapbasis’ and Nordcloud’s multi-cloud expertise allowed creative solutions – for example, Sapbasis looked beyond the complexities and secured closing down several other hosting environments for the customer.

In less than 3 months Sapbasis and Nordcloud transitioned a complex SAP landscape to Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The solution was based on a smooth and efficient collaboration between Sapbasis, Nordcloud and the customer, EVBox.



A fast migration

EVBox had an ambitious timeline for migrating SAP to GCP. The migration was completed within 2,5 months – within budget.   


An overview and simplification

Sapbasis helped close down several other hosting environments, resulting a more simplified overview and more control.


A solid foundation

The customer was ensured a SAP platform that was integrated with vendors and customers – and is now secured a solid foundation for future activities.

I always say this to partners, but they rarely do it. I say:
“Tell me I’m wrong, because I want to know how we can improve.” Everyone at Nordcloud and Sapbasis did this. Not only did their willingness to challenge and ask hard questions help us avoid major pitfalls, but it saved us money, too.

– Sebastiaan Röben, IT Architect – EVBox

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