Succesfuld SAP migrering til Amazon Web Services

Kunde: Major Finnish airline

The challenge

The customer wanted to free themselves from their resource-intensive on-premise solutions, managed by an external hosting provider, and migrate to the cloud instead. They also wanted to eliminate the ongoing IT-related errors they were experiencing in their previous setup and achieve a more scalable solution with a greater focus on future operational management.
  • 5IT infrastructure was managed by an external hosting provider
  • 5Need for a more scalable solution
  • 5Desire for fewer IT-related errors and a less resource-intensive solution


SAP basis analysed the customer’s needs and SAP architecture, which created the basis for mapping the existing landscape and cloud infrastructure in relation to AWS. Thus, the analysis also produced the methodology for the migration and the advice on the consequences and opportunities that the new solution would bring. The collaboration resulted in SAP Basis today also supporting the customer’s operations.

Within both time and budget, SAP Basis did the architecture and transition to AWS for the Finnish airline. This resulted in a long-term collaboration, where SAP Basis was responsible for consulting, project management and execution, as well as the subsequent operation.



Freedom and flexibility

Migrating to AWS ensured freedom and flexibility through multi-hosting and selection of best-of-breed providers for individual, specific tasks.

Ongoing operational support

Today, SAP Basis helps maintain the customer’s ongoing operations, such as error monitoring and ongoing reporting.

Agility and data release

A cloud-based solution enabled fewer IT-related errors and released data to deliver smarter solutions for the future.

We wanted to migrate from SAP to AWS and thus, extricate from our previous on-premise solution. Sapbasis has an in-depth knowledge about SAP and cloud transition, which became very evident in their approach to problem solving and general consulting. Not only did they help us with the strategic SAP consulting, Sapbasis also helped us throughout the project management and execution – and today they also support our on-going operations. 

– Head of Infrastructure

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